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who are we?

Green Lung Genetics' is a visionary cannabis cultivation project! The project is based in Thailand, where we will cultivate high-quality cannabis under the perfect growing conditions.

We take pride in the way we cultivate cannabis! Its an art form which needs to be respected. Using our award winning genetics we will produce high quality, European style cannabis to be sold for medicinal and recreational use.

What s special about GLG

Mastering the art

Our team have 25+ years experience in growing cannabis which will be vital to enter the emerging Thailand market.

thailand revolution

Thailand has recently legalized cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, opening up a huge market potential for entrepreneurs and investors.

return on investment

Within our thorough business plan every crop (3-4 months) we are giving back 50% profits to our investors with a full return of investment in under 12 months.

why choose us

solid business

Invest in a project with

multiple revenue streams

stacked team

Experienced team with a

proven track record

long-term vision

Sustainable business model

in an expanding space

Our profit split

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Workers & Team

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Holder Rewards

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Community Activites

We will be cultivating the highest quality Cannabis, and as such we will be able to demand a high price per gram. It is with this belief and confidence that we can offer 50% of all profits to be rewarded to our holders after each cultivation with an additional 10% going towards community rewards. The Project will offer returns of over 100% ROI within 8 months, and then potentially 85% ROI from initial investment every 10 weeks from there on!



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GLG Gen 1 will consist of 2840 NFTs and distributed in the followin​g way​:​

  • Pre-Sale: 420 NFTs (SOLD OUT)
  • WL/Public: ​2420 NFTs at 4.2 Sol

Each NFT hol​d​er will be rewarded in USDC with a portion of the profits from ​each crop cycle (3-4 Months)

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rewards paid to holders in ​USDC at the start of the next ​phase (every 3-4 Months)